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Assam tea is a high-quality tea that is grown and produced in the Assam region of India. It is known for its rich, bold flavor and strong, malty aroma. Premium organic Assam tea is made from 100% pure and natural ingredients, free from any preservatives or chemicals, ensuring a rich taste and aroma. The tea is hand-picked and processed using traditional methods to preserve its natural flavor and aroma. The leaves are then carefully packaged and sealed to ensure that the tea retains its freshness and quality.

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18 reviews for Assam Tea

  1. Aman choudhary (verified owner)

    So I ordered this product and these are so tasty they are nutritious as well if you are craving for some snacks this is you go to option not only this they have more variety to choose from and the quality is also very nice and crunchy this is a go to snack try it really like it .

  2. Amit Kumar (verified owner)

    Love having it in breakfast.Original and healthy oats.

  3. Sandheep B. (verified owner)

    Its an excellent product, fresh and clean flavour unlike some of the other bottled imported products. It came carefully packed in a well thought out container. highly recommended.

  4. Ashwinder singh (verified owner)

    Everything about it is good specially the packaging.

  5. Manee (verified owner)

    The tea is strong just the way Assam tea should be.Has ample flavour.Will positively consider a repurchase.

  6. Jamesh K. Joseph (verified owner)

    Time saver,Money saver,Health saver. Jai Shree Ram.

  7. Nadeem Malik (verified owner)

    I stopped drinking regular brands like tata gold and taj. This has become my regular. I drink a lot of milk tea and am particular about my tea. I also use their other brand.

  8. Ravi kumar singh (verified owner)

    Its fresh and tasty

  9. Nadeem Malik (verified owner)

    Everything about it is good specially the packaging.

  10. Vandana (verified owner)

    Kaafi accha taste and authentic fragnance tha.Assam ki yaad dila di sahi mai.

  11. Ashwinder singh (verified owner)

    Great packaging,Mazza agaya taste karke.

  12. Jai pratap (verified owner)

    Bought just because of the packaging, but the taste was also yummm…

  13. Nandini bhatt (verified owner)

    It’s flavour and texture is far better than the ordinary atta.

  14. Gopal Dass (verified owner)

    Banana chips ke natural flavor aur crunchiness ke saath yeh ek must try snack hai.

  15. Sanjith Pai (verified owner)

    Kaafi Kaafi tasty hai.Will buy again soon.

  16. Arvind kumar (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Very tasty and very original. EK dum satvik waala feeling agaya. Jai Sri Ram

  17. Nadeem Malik (verified owner)

    Mazza awigao khaake.Very very tasty.

  18. Rabindranath (verified owner)

    The Ghee is good hope it is done in bilona method because I have been using Desi Ghee for pretty long from my friend who have some Desi cows, but not pretty sure to conclude whether this is full moon matured which has to be scientifically proven!!!

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